Vodkamelon Blender

Last week as I was sitting on my friends patio when my empty hand was replaced with a pink, blended beverage to quench my thirst from a day of playing in the sun. I sipped on the concoction and immediately knew I was cheating on my pre-summer-diet but... at the end of a long, hot day, that was the least of my worries, so I continued to sip.

Startled to hear myself slurping already, I looked down to see that I had ALREADY (we’re talking a matter of seconds!) pounded my entire beverage. I looked up, a little embarrassed that I already needed a refill, to my friend smiling and nodding towards the beverage “it’s really good huh?” she remarked, I agreed and proceeded to poke her brain until I got the recipe. Convinced it must be made of sugar and fruit flavored alcohol we made our way into the kitchen, and to my surprise the counter displayed the utmost simplicity; 1 watermelon, ice and a bottle of vodka (flavorless).

How on earth could these three components make such a dangerously delicious and refreshing combo? My friend confessed that she was just as impressed with herself, after making her kids a couple of watermelon slushies she simply poured her desired amount of alcohol in and reblended her adult-slushie. Both of us couldn’t put our finger on why the strong-vodka taste vanished and played with the idea that it has something to do with the watermelon. By the time I was on my second vodka-melon blender, I was startled to find myself a little tipsy and decided to do some research:

 4 ice cubes + 2oz Vodka + 1 cup of watermelon =

175 calories, 10g sugar and 12 carbs

Not bad watermelon, not bad at all.