Home Brew Cold Brew

Creamy, semi-sweet, rich espresso lattes can cost up to $6 every time you go to the coffee shop but a girl shouldn’t have to sacrifice her day or her budget to get the coffee she deserves. After working as a barista for a couple of years I served thousands of dollars worth of coffee to the SAME people and felt so sorry for their bank accounts each and every time. By combining some tricks of the trade and an easy cold-brew espresso system I have created the perfect morning treat for every productive girl’s budget.

  1. Buy your Toddy Cold Brew System or create your own. If you like sweet coffee, order your favorite coffee-shop style sweetener (my boyfriend and I LOVE the way Torani White Chocolate Sauce tastes with the cold brew espresso, link to buy below)

  2. Find your blend!

    Be sure you buy whole beans (whatever blend you prefer,  usually the darker the blend the smoother the flavor, the lighter the more caffeine since it's not all roasted out so pick your poison) I prefer the ‘Private Selection Kona Blend’ in whole bean that you can easily pick up at Smiths/Kroger/Fred Meyer etc...
  3. Blend it! 

    Get your blender out and open up your bag of beans…. Inhale, relax, smell that aroma for a minute...okay, get ready to take ¼ of the beans in the bag and blend them in your blender. NOW, before you do that, be sure you don’t over-blend. Cold Brew coffee is made from coarse grinds so it will look a LOT less fine than your drip coffee - that’s good. Dump each section out of the blender and into your Toddy container (make sure you remember to put the filter in) continue filling the entire Toddy container until you’ve blended all the beans, the container should be just under half full.
  4. Fill her up!

    Stick the small plug into the bottom of the container (not too tight, you’ll need to get it out of there eventually) and fill your Toddy container up with water SLOWLY, once the it’s half an inch from the rim give it a gentle stir to make sure all the grinds are wet, cover the exposed area of the container with foil and wait….

Toddy can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to brew but my sweet spot lately has been on the tail end, about 18-24 hours but if you want a lighter taste than I would go closer to the 12-16 hour range. Once your waiting-time is up, grab your empty pitcher, pick up the Toddy system and as you pull the plug from the container be sure the contents goes into your pitcher. Once you have a full pitcher of Toddy you can dump the grinds or use them in your garden (coffee grinds are great for plants!) and begin making your favorite concoction. Below I have directions on 2 different styles of beverages, the first being high in calories/fats/sugars and the second is my go-to morning coffee. Please feel free to reach out to us via email if you’re having a hard time coming up with your own beverage, we LOVE getting creative with coffee flavors.

WC "Latte": 20oz cup, ¼ of an inch sweetener (Torani White Chocolate Syrup), 6oz of cold brew black and fill with your choice of whole or skim milk. For those who love a good iced drink, I highly suggest this mix - it’s truly amazing and sweet.

Health NUT Coffee: Boil water and put 1 tbsp coconut oil in the bottom of your choice cup, once boiling fill your cup half way and watch the coconut oil melt. Once the oil dissolves and is lightly layered on top of the water, fill the cup another quarter of the way up with your choice of Almond, cashew, soy or coconut milk. Fill the rest of your cup with magic straight from the Toddy and let the potion work. This makes a great low-cal yet still semi sweet drink that will keep you energized throughout the day. A little stevia or agave won't hurt it. 

I highly encourage you create your own recipes with the homemade cold brew. I mixed the “Health Nut” version on my own about a month ago and haven’t stopped drinking it since. Find what you like and make it at home to save costs and time! Keep us in the loop by tagging us in your Toddy experiments on twitter or IG! We love getting to know our High Heels and Cheat Meals followers.