Saving Away with Digit

We can all admit that sometimes saving money is well.. difficult. Too often it takes planning and consistency, and a lot of people have issues with keeping on schedule. I've tried multiple methods of putting away cash, transferring to savings, no spend weekends, etc., but nothing has been as helpful as using Digit to hold my hand through saving my own money. Digit is a website (and app for both Iphone and Andriod now!) that effortlessly puts your money in a savings account free of charge. It monitors your spending habits and balance and takes only what it believes you can spare, from just pennies up! They have an overdraft guarantee, and did I mention no cost? Okay, I was skeptical at first too.. I did a lot of research reading dozens of reviews and couldn't find anything negative. Sure enough, I downloaded the app and didn't even notice the small withdrawals from my checking account to my Digit savings account. I have been using this app since 4/11/16 and I'll admit, I did withdrawal from the savings account a few times for holidays and a vacation, but that's what it's for! I was able to do things I wouldn't have been able to do since I actually saved my money. Currently, I am saving for my bachelorette party spending (alcohol and outfits, of course), and haven't touched the account since right before Christmas and am pretty pleased with the amount! 

**August 2017 update, there is now a monthly fee of $2.99** (side note: still worth it!)

The only caution to the entire thing is to transfer the money back into your account takes about 72 hours, so planning may be in order. 

Enough about me, go try it out yourself! Copy and paste the link below.