Save Your Receipts!

If couponing isn't really your thing, but you're willing to bring your phone to the store.. you're in luck!

Standing in line with an envelope of coupons isn't necessarily ideal; not to mention standing while the clerk scans them and listening to the angry couple behind you huff and puff at your money saving abilities while they're "in a hurry." If you shop at popular stores such as Safeway, Costco, Walgreen's, Dollar Tree or Whole Foods you're set! There is this app called Ibotta that you need to check out.

How does it work? Well first step is to download the app and sign up! Also by clicking the link above you can use our referral to start you out with an initial $10. Browse through the app and locate a store that you shop at. Some of the items listed may not be ones that you typically purchase, but put them on that grocery list to try as a substitute! Also, some stores have rebates listed under them for just submitting a receipt which is an awesome bonus.  By purchasing the products listed on the app, you're able to take photos of your receipts to verify and wah-lah! 

Rebate amounts are listed under the item and money can be transferred to your Venmo or Paypal account OR transferred to a gift card one you reach a certain amount to treat someone else. 

Leave your coupons at home and try Ibotta out!