Couponing gone ROGUE

This past memorial day weekend I decided to utilize some discounts and get my online shopping done before the mayhem of summer. When I got to checkout, I was still hesitant because the cost of shipping was $6-$10 and I just couldn't justify buying something for a few bucks less online that I could probably hunt down in stores. Feeling bummed because I had put some cute items on the back burner, I scrolled through facebook and got sucked into an ad that ended up making my online shopping fantasy come true!

Honey, by Chrome, searches through thousands of online codes and coupons to get you all the discounts you can possibly have from whatever online shop you’re checking out at. So when stores handout discount codes for “free shipping” or “25 percent off” every person, not just the one who received the code, can use their code! By the time it had worked it’s magic on my shopping cart at, my total went from being $45 to $30 including shipping. That’s $15 that I saved by just clicking a button, and even better news - I get to use the fifteen I saved on buying extra drinks in Vegas next week, I’d call that a win win. The crazy thing is that I’m not just getting deals but I’m saving money on stuff that wouldn’t be as discounted in stores and it comes straight to my doorstep! Click below to be taken to the Honey installation page and follow their instructions, happy shopping!