Younique make up

When I was working at a coffee shop while living in Hawaii I was surrounded by some very amazing women. From single moms busting-booty and making bank to college students like myself, just trying to stay afloat - we were a group of bad-ass supportive females. My co-worker and friend Angelica (Ang) was one to especially go out of her way to help, whether it was an Auntie who couldn't afford that extra milkshake for the toddler in the back seat or a friend on a different island needing a package sent to them, Ang was always there to help. So when I was told that she was a makeup rep for Younique, I wasn’t surprised. Younique is a company that empowers women to be successful in order to create a better life for females who have suffered abuse. When you purchase Younique products, you’re giving a portion of your total to a retreat center that takes women on 4-day long missions to work through their mental and physical abuse by teaching coping methods and self acceptance.

The fact that my friend, Ang, was doing this really moved me, it made me not only get to know her better but made me rethink where my dollar goes. Most women above the age of 21 are buying 2-5 makeup products about every three months and unfortunately all those drug-store finds are often filled with harsh chemicals or are tested on animals. Another reason why I switched to Younique products is because I’m in my mid-twenties and at this point in my life, I’m not able to donate to a charity consistently, so why not spend an extra few bucks on a product that is the same price and quality as MAC makeup and get that feeling of “giving back”?

I found myself purchasing the 3D fiber lashes and it’s the best mascara I have ever used - and if you know me, you know my eyelash obsession - not only is it rich with luxury but it made putting on my mascara fun again! If you want to make a difference the next time you’re sifting through makeup, check out the link below and remember - you won't regret making a difference in someone's life, I promise.