Let's talk tea: Skinny23

There are tons of causes out there working to get you off the couch and in shape but do they have your budget in mind? No. So where should you put your dollar when health is involved, do results immediately correlate with how much you spend? Is there a weight loss guarantee? Is that fine print telling me to only eat 1000 calories a day!? These were the questions we were asking ourselves as we prepared to hop back on the health wagon and after staring at the GNC website for hours we decided to ditch the supplements and pre-workout to go with a more holistic path - the “skinny tea” trend. Here are our stories…


Throughout the month of April I had decided to carb-cycle, it put my mind and body on an ultimate test but the results were SO worth it. By the time I was heading down to AZ for Haley’s bridal shower, I was toned, bloat-free and confident. Unfortunately, my plans to continue carb cycling were cut short due to having absolutely no willpower after my mini vacation, I ended up taking two weeks off instead of the 2 days I had planned. Then next thing I knew, my belly was bloated and I felt everything but sexy, so what’s a girl to do with 1 month until a Vegas Bachelorette party and 1.5 until donning my bridesmaid gown? Order a teatox!

After doing some research and being stingy with my dollars, I landed on Skinny23’s checkout page with a 50% off coupon and a 14 day teatox that would hopefully get me on board again. After waiting for my motivation to arrive in the mail, I was finally making a cup of delicious, steamy tea each morning and night.

We are still judging based off the same 3 elements that take place in my Fittea review; Taste, Cost and Effectiveness. The taste of the Skinny23 tea was delicious, perfectly earthy with a touch of floral and very light in the morning, I loved it! The morning cleanse also is energizing and refreshing enough that I don’t even sip coffee until 11am, sometimes 2pm. There’s a night tea that you drink as well and the floral notes are definitely still there along with some soothing tones; a cinnamon, apple, licorice combo - still carrying the floral aroma that I love in a good PM tea.

I ended up lucking out when it comes down to cost for this product, I had visited the page at some point and got put on their mailing list for 10% off, added something to my cart and then got distracted and never bought it. About a week later Skinny23 sent me an email with a 50% off code asking me to come back and well, it worked! I got my 14 day teatox with morning and night cleanse for less than $25 bucks with shipping included! That is the best deal I have gotten on a teatox EVER.

Lastly, the tea is very effective. I enjoy how oriented it is towards health and how “down to business” the company seems to be. They don’t over decorate the tea bags to add to printing costs, they manufacture a product that works, at an affordable price for those who want to get back on the wagon or just feel rejuvenated. Skinny23 tea is one that I recommend to all, it gave me energy before my morning coffee, killed my bloat and restored my confidence! 5/5 stars!