Longing for Leggings

The struggle is real when it comes to finding leggings that work for you in and outside of the gym. Throughout the past couple of years I have sported everything from Lululemon to Forever21 and it’s always hard to find the perfect balance of affordability and comfort. I’ve found peace with companies like Victoria's Secret and Fabletics but have always wanted the unique boutique-style options smaller business’ offer. Companies like Alo and Dulari yoga offer quality leggings that I’ll hopefully one day be able to afford but the sad fact is, most girls in their twenties could afford a pair but have to sacrifice their wardrobe versatility. So what’s a fashionista to do?

After being approached to become a brand-ambassador by a small sportswear company based out of the UK, I became excited to work on my future in fitness with fashion in mind. Octavia Active wear offers high-quality leggings at an affordable price. I have used both of my pairs multiple times and whenever I do I get compliments about my trendy gym style. 

 The cool thing about Octavia is that I have a very personal relationship with the owner, Chloe, and have loved getting to know the person with the passion behind Octavia’s website. Because Octavia Active wear launched this past year, Chloe remembers what it’s like to be a customer in the fashion-fitness world, she makes affordability as big of a priority as quality and style. She is someone who takes time to make her product perfect and uses her effort to make sure every OA customer is satisfied with their gym style. Although Octavia is based out of the UK, free shipping is often promoted on holidays or blowout sales which makes it the perfect gift to a gym-buddy or just something nice for yourself!


One of my favorite things about Octavia Activewear is how it feels; thick, expensive and stretchy! It’s one of those designs you can count on to contour the booty and quads to make every girl feel like a #fitspo. I do recommend going a size up if you’re noticeably larger in your quads and booty due to the logos grasp on the upper thigh, I usually wear small leggings but in Octavia I’m a medium because they still grasp my torso nicely and stay up during my ENTIRE workout, sometimes that’s 2.5 hrs in the gym! And no awkward pants-falling-down moments (thank you Octavia!)

For you ladies who took the time to read this please click the link below and use my promo-code to snag 10% off on your first pair of Ocatvia Activewear leggings! Code: KATKENT