Let's talk tea: Skinnymint

Growing up on the Oregon coast handed me my share of rainy days. While accustomed to going out in the cold, wet day I didn't always mind it, but nothing helped me relax more than staying inside and sipping a cup of Celestial's sleepytime tea and staring out the window at the water running off of the trees. Nowadays, it's a rarity when I am able to fully relax like this, but I found a compromise between my busy schedule and constant search for a wonderful teatox (and tea in general). I try to always remember to make time for tea. 

In the search for a well-rounded teatox, I came across one that included a nighttime tea that mimicked the flavor of my childhood favorite, sleepytime tea. The moment that I sipped this one, I knew it would be my first choice. SkinnyMint offers all the points of a teatox that Kat and I look for. 

I've read that a handful of people just want the one-cup-a-day teatoxes, but I see differently. I look to enjoy multiple cups of tea a day, and tea in the evening helps wind me down. The morning boost SkinnyMint offers does just what it states, as well does the night cleanse and both their tastes are phenomenal (although as previously stated, I am partial to the one). Any bloat I had went away within three days, and I was regular the entire time I was drinking this tea (I bought the 28 day teatox). I believe that since I enjoyed this tea as much as I did, I was more able to not miss a cup. The lack of bloating was visible to me, which was also a huge plus!

The only down side to this teatox was ordering, BUT that has been resolved. I ordered off of their website and it took a long time even though I received 'express shipping'. I didn't even think to check out Amazon before I ordered! 

I could go on about this tea, but I highly encourage you to try on your own. If you've never tried a teatox to help reduce bloating, increase energy, or curb your appetite, this is a MUST and great for your first try at using a tea to detox because I am sure you'll have to look no further. 

Click below for the 14 day trial or to view other options they offer! I have also included below the sleepytime tea I rave about.

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