Let's talk tea: Fittea

There are tons of causes out there working to get you off the couch and in shape but do they have your budget in mind? No. So where should you put your dollar when health is involved, do results immediately correlate with how much you spend? Is there a weight loss guarantee? Is that fine print telling me to only eat 1000 calories a day!? These were the questions we were asking ourselves as we prepared to hop back on the health wagon and after staring at the GNC website for hours we decided to ditch the supplements and pre-workout to go with a more holistic path - the “skinny tea” trend. Here are our stories...


I LOVE tea! But when I searched online for the best weight loss tea the results were overwhelming, which one is the right choice!? I reached out to Haley for a recommendation and we decided that we would give the 2 best reviewed teas a chance to prove themselves. We decided to base our test off 3 different properties that affected our overall rating




I picked Fittea, a earthy noted herbal tea that directed to drink 1 cup a day for 28 days.The important part to me was the effectiveness (bang for your buck) so I stuck to a clean meal plan and continued to run probably 4-8 miles a week. What I didn’t anticipate was how strong the tea was, don’t get me wrong I loved the taste, but if you’re not a rooty, floral, dark and herbal tea drinker than I wouldn’t recommend starting your journey with this blend. I also wanted to express how cleansed out and bloat free I was before I started the Fittea cleanse due to the ginger-lemon-cayenne shots I take daily, I didn’t see a difference in bloat and my usual weight fluctuation was still intact. What I did like was that Fittea was in my budget and kept me on track with a consistently healthy lifestyle, ever since I ended my tea cleanse I haven’t relapsed into unhealthy habits, instead I crave a cup of tea. Overall I feel like Fittea helped me commit to fitness, even though I only give it ⅗ stars, it isn’t a bad choice if you’re looking for a natural remedy to get your butt off the couch.