Shady Shadow

Any girl buying make up in the past couple of years has knowledge of the “Naked” eye-shadow palettes that are filled with trendy colors and quality product. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to dish out $60 every time the fashion industry decides to change this seasons trending-shades. Luckily, I’m an eye shadow virgin with absolutely nothing to lose by trying out cheap, off-brand eye-shadow palettes and report back to you ladies with my results. About a week ago I purchased a “Lamora” Eye shadow Palette from TJMaxx and decided to give it a try.

The pallet was only $15 and looks like a “Naked” Palette, with the same color-scheme, nice casing and variety in colors. The colors are arranged to compliment each other which is nice for beginners and it makes putting the shadow on super easy. My favorite thing about my cheap palette is that I don’t have to worry about the colors being too noticeable, their all peachy, beige, bronzy nudes and go with just about anything you sport.

The Lamora Palette I bought is almost identical to the “Naked3” Palette and about 1/4th of the price. My only reason I can’t give this product 5/5 stars is because it wears off sooner than the competitor, it will last about 4-6 hours before it starts to crease or smudge on its own. I’m still on the search for a reliable, affordable eye shadow palette for my workdays but have my Lamora to turn to for my weekend evenings when I’m feeling a little more glamorous.

Lamora Beauty