Wellness on steroids

While I was living in Hawaii I explored a lot of different exotic foods and found myself eating delicious farm fresh fruit on a daily basis. Before I lived on the island I went through a couple of years where I experienced an unusual amount of random and severe stomach pain, the fruit that the island provided seemed to make my body a little happier but I still suffered time to time even living off the mainland.

I began to improve my diet in 2015 and during a promotion run by Jamba Juice I found myself taking their Ginger-Lemon-Cayenne shots whenever I got a smoothie (probably once a week) and after about two months I noticed that my stomach pain was no longer present or a problem! My ability to eat whenever and whatever as well as drink alcohol again was shocking to me, the shots even made me stay on better track with my healthy lifestyle and even translated into a year of tackling health goals.

At first it didn’t make sense to me, that lemon is acidic so it shouldn’t be making my stomach feel better, shouldn’t it feel worse? Wrong, lemons have an antibacterial effect and are made up of fibers that are good for your colon health.

When a friend was moving in January of 2016 she pawned off her Juicer to me and I decided to take my body on a bit of a journey. I decided to take a Ginger-Lemon-Cayenne shot every morning for 7 days, every-other-week (2 weeks a month) for the year. To be honest, the sour yet zesty flavor only just lost it’s shock in the last month of my quest and the spice of cayenne pepper doesn’t phase me for a second but my point is… I feel incredible!


My one tiny goal set me off on a soul searching quest for peace with my body and mind. Taking these shots cured my stomach pain and shed light on the reality of what I consumed on a daily basis. So if your tummy isn’t being friendly, you need some zest in the morning or just a new challenge to kick off bikini season follow my simple instructions below to make some SHOTS on your own!


ANY JUICER - anything from this years latest model to the old school 80’s ones you can find for 10 bucks at Goodwill. (just make sure it works before you buy, clean it when you get home too!)

2 whole lemons

4-8oz of ginger

Sprinkle cayenne pepper as you wish