Apricot scrubbin

When I was living in Hawaii, I rarely wore makeup and washed my face in the sea once a day - scrubbing sand from the floor of the ocean on my body and face gave my skin the ultimate glow of perfection! Unfortunately, I couldn’t bottle those ingredients….

For the past 7 months, since I have been back on the mainland from Hawaii, my skin has suffered from blemishes, oiliness and acne due to makeup and climate change. What I didn’t know was how to manage my skincare routine with all the different products out there, I was spending upwards of $20 a month on toners, moisturizers, spot treatment and make-up removers but nothing was working! Frustrated with my stubborn skin, I searched desperately through Targets ‘Cosmetics’ section until I came across my old go-to scrub from High School and decided to give it another shot.

St Ives has incorporated ingredients that feel so natural and almost sandy. St Ives Apricot scrub with active ingredients is one of the most reliable products I have. It’s affordable, lush and exfoliates my delicate skin PERFECTLY. Although I have been tempted to try the ‘Sand & Sky’ products, my skin (and budget!) just don't call for a $50+ treatment (besides this past winter, I rarely experience anything other than a small blemish).Their attention to detail and simplicity of the product has made it my favorite facial wash next to mother nature's ocean floor.



Huge Thank You to Yoshi Tanaka for the cover photo.